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Summer Break

June 18th 2024
Summer Break - June 19 to September 3, 2024

The Navy League Cadets program in Canada typically follows a schedule similar to that of the school year, with activities and regular Parades held from September to June. During the summer months, many Cadet Corps take a break from their regular weekly Parades and activities.
However, the summer break doesn't necessarily mean that all activities stop though this year it does.

Here are a few key points about what happens during the summer for Navy League Cadets:

  1. Summer Camps: Some regions may offer summer camps or special training opportunities during the summer. These camps can provide Cadets with the chance to engage in more intensive training, outdoor activities, and skills development. Unfortunately, this year there are no summer camps.

  2. Special Events: There might be special events or community activities that Cadets can participate in during the summer, such as parades, public service projects, or local festivals. Unfortunately, this year we are not participating in any Special Events.

  3. Preparation for the Upcoming Year: Summer can be a time for planning and preparation for the upcoming Cadet year. Officers may work on organizing the next year’s program, planning activities, and ensuring that everything is ready for the start of the new training year in September.

  4. Personal Development: Cadets are encouraged to use the summer break for personal development, whether through reading, engaging in new hobbies, or participating in other community activities that align with the values and skills promoted by the Navy League Cadets.

There will be no more Parades until we start the new Training Year in September 2024.
We hope you all have an enjoyable summer and cannot wait to see you again in September 2024.

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