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Monthly Routine Orders (MROs)

In Navy League Cadets, the day to day workings of a ship are controlled by a set of instructions called Monthly Routine Orders or MRO's. Every Cadet is made aware of them and they form the basis of a controlled and orderly lifestyle that every one can understand, obey, and profit from. These orders contain monthly specific information that is not included in the Standing Orders as they will change from month to month.

These Monthly Routine Orders contain information such as Officer of the Day, Petty Officer of the Day, Quartermaster, Signalmen, Messenger, Duty Watch Division, Officer and Cadet Dress, Events, Promotions, Appointments, Taken on Strength, Struck Off Strength, Leaves of Absence, and Current Strength.
The Monthly Routine Orders are prepared by the Administration Officer and are approved by the Commanding Officer prior to publishing at the beginning of each Month.
They are published on the Cadet Notice Board, the Ship's Office, the Commanding Officer's cabin, and on our web site.

All Cadets are expected to be familiar with the current Monthly Routine Orders and all information contained within these documents.

2023 - 2024 Training Year

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