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Swim Parade at Watermania - Oct 11, 2022

October 11th 2022
Swim Parade at Watermania - October 11, 2022

You should already have signed up for Swimming so the Sign Up form is now closed.
Thank you to those who followed instructions.
This is a final reminder not to go to the Navy League Hall this Tuesday, October 11, 2022 but to go to Watermania instead. Also, the arrival time is 1830 hours.
Here are the details:

Watermania (at 14300 Entertainment Blvd., Richmond, BC)
Note: Do not go to the Navy League Hall!! No one will be there!!

Bring $5.00 per person unless you have tickets to Watermania or a Grade 5 Active Pass. .
If you have tickets or an Active Pass, please bring them instead of money.

Arrival: 1830 hours

Departure: 2045 hours

Kit List:
  1. Swimsuit
  2. Towel
  3. Goggles (optional)
  4. Set of clothes to change into because you do not want to go home all wet
  5. Bag to keep clothes and towel in We usually have an area of bleachers and will leave our kit there so you do not need a locker.

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