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Commanding Officer Parade - Nov 8, 2022

November 8th 2022

Commanding Officer Parade - November 8, 2022 A Commanding Officer Parade is a formal parade where the Commanding Officer inspects the Ships' Company just like we would during our quarterly Inspection Parades.Cadets normally have an Inspection as well as perform a March Past, an Advance in Review Order, and a General Salute led by the Coxswain.Most of the time, it   ▸

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Salute to Veterans at BC Place - Nov 6, 2022

November 6th 2022

Salute to Veterans at BC Place - November 6, 2022 We have been invited to attend the The Royal Canadian Legion Veterans Salute at BC Place on Sunday, November 6, 2022. If you are able to come, please attend. We would like as many as 15 Cadets to show but the more the merrier. Instructions are   ▸

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Poppy Tagging for the Royal Canadian Legion - Nov 5, 2022

November 5th 2022

Poppy Tagging at Bridgeport Skytrain Station for the Royal Canadian Legion - November 5, 2022 Every year, from the last Friday of October to November 11, tens of millions of Canadians wear a Poppy as a visual pledge to honour Canada’s Veterans and remember those who sacrificed for the freedoms we enjoy today.   ▸

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Halloween Party - Nov 1, 2022

November 1st 2022

Halloween Party - November 1, 2022 We are going to have some fun and party with the ghosts and ghouls!!Please come dressed up and let’s see who has the best costume!!!If you don’t come in a costume, dress will be Modified Service Dress as mentioned in the Monthly Routine Orders.   ▸

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