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Remembrance Day Ceremony at Richmond City Hall - Nov 11, 2022

November 11th 2022
Remembrance Day Ceremony - November 11, 2022
We will be participating in the City of Richmond's Annual Remembrance Day Parade on Friday, November 11, 2022

This extremely important event is held annually to honour and remember the sacrifices made by Canada's Veterans who have fought in the World's conflicts, from World War 1 to Afghanistan, as well as those who have provided humanitarian aid and peacekeeping services throughout the World. 

We will form up in the morning at the Richmond Center parkade, Level 1 (where Sears used to be) at 0945

At that time, we will take attendance and get you into your formation for marching in the Parade. 
Parking can be very busy, but you may park at Richmond Center Mall except in the covered parkade. Any cars in that parkade will be towed by the RCMP. There are also road closures to watch out for so leave yourself extra time to arrive.

This Parade is a Mandatory Attendance event. 
We do not use this term too much but this one is important.
Leave can only be granted by the Commanding Officer and you must sign up using the link in the button at the bottom of this email. 

If you have been issued a Uniform: 
You will be dressed in your clean and ironed Service Dress (No. 1) Uniform which consists:
  1. MJ Miller White Top - clean and white
  2. MJ Miller blue dress shirt - clean and ironed
  3. Lanyard (if applicable) - clean and white
  4. MJ Miller black or blue dress trousers - clean and ironed
  5. MJ Miller white belt - cleaned and white
  6. Black socks (no patterns)
  7. Boots -  Your boots will be black, polished, and shined
  8. MJ Miller pea coat
  9. We recommend that you wear a pair of all black gloves with no other colors or patterns on them
  10. There should be no hair showing between your eyebrows and your White Top.
As it is supposed to be cold out, you may want to wear a navy blue or black long or short sleeved shirt underneath your MJ Miller blue dress shirt and long johns under your trousers. We should not be able to see these items under your Uniform.
If you have not yet received your Service Dress (No. 1) Uniform: 
Dress in the following:
  1. A long sleeved white, collared, dress shirt
  2. Black dress trousers (solid color)
  3. Black belt
  4. Black dress shoes
  5. A solid black or navy blue jacket with no logos, other colors or patterns on it
  6. If you are cold, you may wear a white, long or short sleeved shirt underneath your white, collared, dress shirt and long johns under your trousers. 
If you do not have the required dress, please follow it as close as possible. It is very important that you attend.
As it is supposed to be cold out, you may want to wear a white long or short sleeved shirt underneath your white dress shirt and long johns under your trousers. We should not be able to see these items under your Uniform.
All males or females, with hair longer than your shirt collar, shall have their hair tied up in a bun. No ponytails. 
The weather is supposed to be cloudy with a bit of rain and a high of 9 degrees Celsius on Remembrance Day this year. We parade rain or shine.
St. John's Ambulance has issued the following things to keep you warm and comfortable on Parade:
  1. Important:  Please ensure that you have a good breakfast before you come down, even if you do not normally eat breakfast.
    Food in your stomach will help in not fainting on Parade.
  2. You may also want to bring a granola or protein bar in case you get hungry and bring a water bottle to stay hydrated.
  3. You may eat and drink prior to the parade.
    Once the parade starts, you cannot consume anything.
  4. Important: Keep your blood pressure elevated by periodically wiggling your toes and do not lock your knees when standing at Attention.
    We do not want anyone to pass out in the parade.
    If a Cadet does begin to feel dizziness, nausea, or light headedness and can no longer continue in the parade, they should remove their head dress and kneel on one knee.
    The First-Aid attendants will be wearing florescent yellow jackets with red canvas first-aid bags.
From our side, the following important information should be observed:
  1. Important:  Make sure you arrive by 0945 at the Richmond Center parkade, Level 1 where Sears used to be. We will form up there, take attendance, and then move to the parade starting point with your Officers.
    Note that the parkade will not be accessible by car.
    Parents, you will have to park elsewhere at the Mall and escort your Cadet to the parkade.
  2. Important:  Please ensure that you provided your cell number and an Alternate contact (who is not your parents) along with their phone number in the Cadet Information portion of the form.
We will begin marching in the Parade at 1020 and the official Remembrance Day Ceremonies begins at the Richmond City Hall Cenotaph at 1040.
A moment of silence will be held at 1100 which is then followed by the laying of wreaths on the Cenotaph.

Parents and the Public are always encouraged and welcome to watch the Ceremonies and to take pictures.

After the Ceremonies, we will form up again at the Richmond Center parkade, Level 1 (where Sears used to be) at approximately 1130 to 1200 where you will be dismissed when your Parents arrive.

Remember that you can only go home with your parents unless you have prior approval to be picked up by another person.

You must Sign Out before you go home.

Thank you in advance for participating in this extremely important event.

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